Surreal Blow Out Bar

Since opening as a full-service salon in 2008, we have loved being a part of our clients’ beauty routine. To meet the needs of our ever growing client base, we are so excited to officially transition to a BLOW OUT BAR! Same day blow outs, wedding styles, award shows and more, we are thrilled to be your go-to glam squad!



Owner | Color and Cut Specialist | Makeup Artist

Melanie is a fourth generation Nashville Native. She offers many services and is known for her multifaceted and diverse set of talents. From interior decorating, to make up and hair, to encouraging people, she has found her calling.  An encounter with Melanie is more than just hair and makeup.

Melanie started Surreal in 2008 with Danielle, a long time friend of her husband, Raymond.  Melanie has a passion for making people feel beautiful and a knack for bringing out ones inner beauty.

From Hair Extensions, Keratin Treatments, Classic and Creative Coloring/Cutting to Blowouts, Styling, or the Full Bridal Experience, Melanie will help you find a match for a glamorous experience at Surreal with her or one of her experienced stylist.

A legacy built by her personal brand, Melanie fosters relationships and has a love for her clients. She is gifted and through her many talents she brings her clients (turned friends) visions into reality.


Owner | Master Barber

Owner/Master Barber of Surreal Hair Studio with over 20 years of experience in hair design. Whether you need a trim, touch-up or dramatic change, you can trust I will keep your style up to date with the latest and greatest trends, custom crafted for you. I am a professional, dedicated and friendly hairstylist and colorist.

I specialize in the latest haircutting techniques including dry cutting, precision point cutting, and up to date texturizing.  In addition I offer creative color and highlighting, including dimensional highlights and corrective coloring.  I firmly believe in continuing education and always keep up to date on all the new trends.


Master Barber

Master Barber with 18 years of experience in hair design.  “I strive to create an environment in which my clients are at ease to express themselves and their ideas. My goal is to help people look and feel their BEST.

Precision cutting and coloring hair is a creative outlet for me.  Continued education, growth, and sharing my knowledge with others keeps me constantly evolving, adapting, and improving.”


I find myself to be a unique soul in the beauty industry. While I Pinterest the latest trends and could spend all day watching Youtube tutorials, you can also catch me at a heavy metal concert! I love all things skulls but my life goal is to pet as many puppies as I can (follow your heart). I’m in the beauty industry because I genuinely love to make other people feel good about themselves. To be responsible for another person’s appearance- their image- the way they will be viewed by the outside world- is such an incredible honor and I can’t believe how lucky I am to get to do it every day.


For as long as I can remember, I knew I was going to be a Spice Girl. Eventually, it hit me (much later in my life than it should’ve)- I wasn’t quite on track to being the sixth member of the pop girl group. Over the years (undoubtedly between my “BabySpiceRulez” and “GirlPowerReunion2010” email addresses), I also found myself captivated by the art of hair and makeup.

Today, I am so grateful that the areas of the beauty industry I am most passionate about continue to gain popularity. How lucky I am to live in an era in which the opportunity to learn from an infinite number of overwhelmingly talented people is constantly at my fingertips! I believe laughter = happiness = good health, I look forward to the possibilities that exist in the unknown of every new day, and I hope I’m lucky enough to meet you!


Born and raised in Georgia, I moved to Nashville to further pursue a career in Aesthetics. I have a passion for making people feel good about themselves, inside and out. I started seeing an Esthetician for my acne, which I struggled with for years with no relief, and within a few visits I had clear skin and felt so much better about my appearance and that is when I realized I wanted to do the same for others.


Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, Raychel is a motivated stylist that loves to continue her education on the newest trends. She is easy going and has a deep adoration for her husband, Kenny, her dog Norman, jazz music, coffee and fitness. She surrounds herself with others that have a passion for life. Feeling good inside and out is important to her and she loves to help others feel the same! Hair color is her art. Raychel specializes in hand painted dimensional, lived in colors and texturized haircuts. She loves working with her clients to achieve low maintenance styles with color that grow out beautiful. Her ultimate goal is to create wearable hair for each client – brunette, blonde, or anything in between.


“I love connecting with all my clients and making them feel comfortable in my chair! It’s not about just how great your hair looks, it’s about the experience you have with me!” Haley joined Surreal in February 2018 and specializes in blonding and balayage techniques tape-in extensions and dry cutting! Come in to meet our girl!